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Harper Hadley Creative provides workflow and system strategy services for creative entrepreneurs. 

My mission is to help you create efficiencies, a stellar client experience and margin in your business to give you time back to focus on what you do best!

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pick a question!

Who needs systems?

you do, my dear!

Whether you are just starting or a seasoned pro, having workflows and systems that work for you and help you serve your clients is foundational. If you own and run a business, this is for you!

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What’s the difference?

I thought they were the same thing!

Processes are the high level steps to achieve your end product - the ABC’s of your services.
What are the 3-5 steps you tell your clients they will go through when working with you? 
For example: Inquiry, Booking, Planning, Relax & Party!

Workflows are the detailed checklists and tasks that have to be taken to achieve each of those process steps. What are all of the behind the scenes things that have to happen? Using the iceberg analogy - it’s all the stuff under the water’s surface.
Example: To inquire, clients need to go to your contact form, fill it out, submit it to you.
Then, you receive the inquiry, send a welcome email and schedule their consultation, prep for the consultation, meet, send the proposal, etc.

Systems are magical! They are the technology and tools that work together in an orchestrated fashion to keep it all running smoothly. These tools will include a way to manage your social media, a CRM for client management, your task list manager (if separate from CRM), financial tools and more!
The more streamlined we can make this, the more automated and efficient your business becomes!

All three need to work together in harmony to lay a foundation for you to build your business
on and grow for long term success.

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Why do I need a system?

Systems create a foundation for your business.

 They are important to grow in revenue and team size. Once you have workflows and systems in place, you will have more time to dedicate to serving your clients, creating new offerings, and the ability to scale your team or market reach.

Long story short, they might not seem directly revenue building, but you’ll eventually hit a ceiling without them.

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Where do I even Start?

It's so overwhelming!

I know that checklists and organizing the business admin stuff isn't for everyone. After all, that's not why you started your business or where your passion lies - right?!

Guess what?! I LOVE IT and I'm here to help you take back control of your business! First things first, hop to the blog for
tips you can start using today!
(then get in touch!)

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