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Workflows & Systems Audit

Maybe you don’t even know where to start, but you know you need something. We'll look at what you have now, what you need and I'll provide you with an action plan to get things in order!

Have you tried to create systems and workflows in the past, but they aren’t as efficient as you need them to be? 

Do you want more freedom and time in your day outside of your business tasks? 

Feel like you’re drowning in your inbox and never on top of your client work? Like a hamster on a wheel?

Do you know what needs to be done, but it feels so chaotic that you just know you’re missing something? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of your to-dos? Not even sure if they are all written down and accounted for? 

You want more freedom and time in your day outside of your business tasks. You’ve tried to create systems and workflows in the past, but they aren’t as efficient as you need them to be.

Girlfriend, take a deep breath. We can simplify this together and get you back to calm, cool and collected. I’ll help make sure you have a system in place so you always know where everything is - emails, to-dos, your client process, #allthethings.

That's where I come in!

Maybe you don’t even know where to start, but you know you need something.

– Confidence & control in your day to day operations - YASS!!

– Date night or family game night - no work talk!

– Being able to focus on creative tasks, not just the admin.

you dream of...

I come alongside other creatives like YOU who are treading water to stay afloat & are looking for calm, clear direction in your day to day. You crave that time to get back to creating, having margin & spending time living your amazing off-screen life!

honesty moment

Because I have solid systems & workflows in place, I’m now able to be a full time stay at home mom and run my business in fewer hours per month than I used to spend working per week! All of that while still helping support my family & clients well!!

After 10+ years in the corporate world, while juggling multiple businesses on the side, you might say I’ve never been able to sit still & find it hard to rest. It’s true, I tend to always have a lot of things going on, both in business & life. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I thrive in chaos. In fact, the simple life lights me up like none other. 

I believe that you can be multi-passionate & run a successful, profitable business, while still enjoying that off-screen life to its fullest! 

Guess what!? You can have that too & I can help you make it happen!

Notice many of those things are simple day to day moments?


Seeing my clients gain clarity & time back!

Making homemade donuts on a Tuesday with my daughter

Coffee dates & date night 

Family walks & movie nights

Reading a book with the windows open & a hot cup of coffee

A few of my favorite things are:

Let’s get to work finding those extra hours in your day, serving your clients better and getting you back to more than one date night each month. Sounds pretty fantastic to me and I can’t wait to help you get there!

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR guidance to prioritize systems and workflows in your business to get time back to create and rest, then you’re in the right place! 

Once you have your workflows over to me, your audit will be completed in 2 weeks or less!

How long does it take?

The time you will ultimately save by having efficient systems & workflows in place will pay you back the investment within a few months or less!

Is it worth the investment?

If you don’t know what you’re doing & why, you’ll never be able to simplify & improve things going forward.

Is this the right next step? Will this really help me get where I need to be?

Not sure where to start?

But having workflows & systems in place to help you manage and structure your days is key. 

I’ve been there, friend. Keeping all the balls in the air is not easy and some will drop.

When we pour from a full & rested well, we serve our people better & do our best work. That can be your reality!

make a full time salary working part time hours!

you CAN

get all of your client work done & still have time to dream, create & grow!

you CAN

have slow coffee mornings & margin to turn off work & do what you love. Spending time with your people is 100% doable & encouraged! 

you CAN

– An Audit of up to (3) workflows (additional workflows can be added on)

– (1) 2-hour virtual session to discuss your existing workflows & my recommendations

– Action Plan & recommendations 

– (2) 30-minute Virtual Check in sessions at 1 & 3 months 

– Updated action plan & recommendations after each check in call

– Unlimited Voxer & email access

–2 week turnaround

What you get: 

– See what you’re doing well & course correct where there are gaps.

– Find efficiencies to save you time.

– Improve your client experience & communication.

– Free up mental space & reduce decision fatigue.

– Give you visibility into growth opportunities & having the time to take action on those!

– Make your life easier! #amen

A Workflow & Systems Audit will help you: 

audit investment starts at $1,500 | proposals are created custom for your needs

Yes, please!

Step seven

You'll have an optimized system & workflows working FOR YOU, resources and action items to keep things moving forward!

We will schedule your accountability check-ins (top knots & yoga pants encouraged)! You know what they say, a plan without action is just a list. And no one needs ‘just another list’. Right?! Right.

Step six

I’ll send over an actionable plan and my recommendations for you to implement. 
(Looking for someone to implement for you? Check out Implementation HERE!)

Step five

I’ll review your current workflows and make recommendations, then we will spend 2 hours together talking through what you have and what I recommend for you to reach your personal goals, because every business is unique. 

Step four

Step three

 I’ll send you a survey to tell me about your business, goals, what you feel is missing and your vision.

We'll make it official and get your audit scheduled! It's time to evaluate where you are and make improvements to get you back to hot coffee mornings!

Step Two

Get in touch via the contact form and let's schedule your free 20-30 minute discovery call to chat about how I can help you streamline and organize your business best.

Step one

Let's take the first few steps together to get you and your business where you need to be to welcome the growth you have worked so hard for!

You're finally getting ideal clients you’ve worked so hard to connect with, but now your experience isn’t matching up to what you’ve promised. You're like a hamster praying they see a swan gracefully serving them.

You can see the long term vision and potential in your business, but you're running in circles and nearing burn out trying to get there!

the process

“I am an artist first, a business owner second. I have always struggled with that part of my business, and let me tell you - Jenn is a game changer! I needed some serious help with simplifying my workflow and having a stronger experience for my clients. I had a workflow, but I was very inconsistent, and I needed help getting organized. Jenn helped me not only straighten out my workflow, but she showed me how to change the way I run my business day-to-day. I now have a system in place for my clients and my business, which translated into my life.”