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workflow & systems strategist

For creatives ready to scale & Grow with intention!

Done for you systems

Next thing you know, you’ll be back in control and freed up to dream even bigger than you thought possible!

It really can be better and I’m here to help get you there. (Do you hear Adele saying “Hello” from the other side?) 

You have the vision, but no clue how to get there!

Maybe you feel like an organized mess and can’t imagine how you’ll bring on help with the current state of things.
Hello working from the car during dance class or soccer practice!

You’re just starting out and want to make sure the foundation is there from the onset.

You have systems, but your business is growing (yay!) and you don’t have the time or knowledge to update and optimize everything (ugh!). You sure as heck don’t have time to start workflows and systems from scratch!!!

let me guess...

You keep seeing courses for email marketing, social media strategies, tips about elevating your client experience and so much more. Maybe you have disco ball syndrome and think “I can do that too!” with each new idea you come across. (And I bet you can!) BUT - you are one person with the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce - 24 (yep, I went there). There comes a point where you have to admit you finally need to prioritize systems!

With an implementation (audit included), we'll look at what you have, I'll create a custom plan, then I’ll do the legwork on the back end to make sure things are streamlined & operating in peak condition. You'll walk away with a shiny, working system that you can run with!

You want more freedom and time in your day outside of your business tasks. You’ve tried to create systems and workflows in the past, but they aren’t as efficient as you need them to be.

I come alongside other creatives like YOU who are treading water to stay afloat & are looking for calm, clear direction in your day to day. You crave that time to get back to creating, having margin & spending time living your amazing off-screen life!

Because I have solid systems & workflows in place, I’m now able to be a full time stay at home mom and run my business in fewer hours per month than I used to spend working per week! All of that while still helping support my family & clients well!!

honesty moment

After 10+ years in the corporate world, while juggling multiple businesses on the side, you might say I’ve never been able to sit still & find it hard to rest. It’s true, I tend to always have a lot of things going on, both in business & life. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I thrive in chaos. In fact, the simple life lights me up like none other. 

"Having my Dubsado systems and workflows set up was such a time and stress saver for me during a time in my life when I needed it most! As a mompreneur with babies, I just don't have the time and energy to devote to figuring out a new system. My client onboarding process is now quick, easy and allows me to give an excellent client experience with very little time spent on my end! I'm so grateful for Jenn and her expertise!"

Supercharge Your Systems Blueprint

my signature framework





Evaluate your current versus your ideal state of your systems so you can identify where the gaps are and start building a clear path toward leading your business with renewed focus and excitement.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks, expenses and tools to optimize and refine your systems so that you can focus on only the value add elements and redirect that energy to move the needle with intention.

Elevate your services, client experience, and business overall, using your systems as the foundation, with confidence to communicate and deliver that to your audience.

Execute your vision and your big goals so that you can scale your business and reach your goals faster without having to hustle. 

implementation investment starts at $3,650 | proposals are created custom for your needs

Yes, please!

Accountability! We’ll get your 1 & 3 month sessions scheduled.

Step nine

DELIVERY!! I’ll make any updates we discuss in your training call. Then, deliver your beautiful new system, ready to rock n’ roll for you!

Step eight

We have your 2-hour virtual training session to learn your new system!

Step seven

Once you approve your workflow edits, I’ll get to work setting things up in your CRM & task manager! I’ll get your training materials & videos ready for your training session!

Step six

I’ll consolidate your workflows & content into one master doc then send it to you for approval.

Step five

I’ll review your current workflows and make recommendations, then we will spend 2 hours together talking through what you have and what I recommend for you to reach your personal goals, because every business is unique. 

Step four

 I’ll send you a survey to tell me about your business, goals, what you feel is missing and your vision.

Step three

We'll make it official and get your implementation scheduled! It's time to evaluate where you are and make improvements to get you back to hot coffee mornings!

Step Two

Get in touch via the contact form and let's schedule your free 20-30 minute discovery call to chat about how I can help you streamline and organize your business best.

Step one

Let's take the first few steps together to get you and your business where you need to be to welcome the growth you have worked so hard for!

You're finally getting ideal clients you’ve worked so hard to connect with, but now your experience isn’t matching up to what you’ve promised. You're like a hamster praying they see a swan gracefully serving them.

You can see the long term vision and potential in your business, but you're running in circles and nearing burn out trying to get there!

the process

  • Unlimited Voxer & email access
  • Signature HHC Systems & Workflows Workbook
  • (1) 30-minute Q&A Call
  • HHC Workflow Audit
  • Defined/Optimized workflows
  • (1) 2-hour audit call
  • Workflow & Systems implementation by HHC
  • (1) 2-hour training call
  • Custom Training Videos
  • Custom Training Manual
  • Personalized Action Plan
  • 1 & 3 month check in calls

What you get: 

“I felt like a deer in the headlights before talking to Jenn about my systems. She asked a lot of questions about why I do things a certain way, made sure she understood my process and provided really good solutions and feedback on how to make things better and easier for me! I’ll recommend Jenn any day!!” 

I do this to help get you back to enjoying your work, not just being bogged down in the admin. 

This is about YOU!

You will have unlimited Voxer and email access to me to ask questions along the way. We work as a team, especially in the beginning, defining what will work best for you and your clients. 

Here’s the thing - this is not just about getting something set up for you and organizing something because I’m type-A.

Workflows & Systems are not a copy/paste situation. Your business is unique & so is our approach to serving you!

How long does it take?

Depending on how many workflows we work on together, we will have your ready to rock system to you in 4-6 weeks!

The time you will ultimately save by having efficient systems & workflows in place will pay you back the investment within a few months or less!

Is it worth the investment?

If you don’t know what you’re doing & why, you’ll never be able to simplify & improve things going forward.

Is this the right next step? Will this really help me get where I need to be?

still not sure this is what you need?

With that in mind, I only take a select number of implementation clients per year to ensure you get the best of me!

We work together, because I believe that you and your business are one of a kind and that you deserve that kind of attention.

My dream and hope is that the work we do together empowers you and allows you to rest in confidence that your business will run smoothly even if you take a day (or 10) off!

“Time is precious. We all want more of it to focus on the things that mean the most to us. Having systems IN PLACE saves time because your brain is free to do other, more important, money-making things rather than wondering if you sent out that one-month email or inquiry follow-up or whatever it may be.”

“Hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. Jenn is a workflows and optimization genius. She's super detail oriented, incredible, and has become a sweet friend in the process! I can confidently say I am more organized + have a clear map of how my business is running.”