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    monthly tips and resources for organizing your business and getting back to creating and life!

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    The Details

    the details

    Having an Operations Business Manager Can take those off your plate & give you time back for creating & living life!

    Looking to pivot or diversify your offerings? Need launch support, day-to-day help, or project management expertise?

    Need more than a VA but can’t quite swing a full-time hire yet?


    meet jenn

    Harper Hadley Creative provides workflow and system strategy services for creative entrepreneurs. 

    My mission is to help you create efficiencies, a stellar client experience and margin in your business to give you time back to focus on what you do best!


    how do we do it?

    What makes HHC different…

    Freedom is within Reach

    Our clients are...

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    Are you in the right place?

    HHC clients are ready to gain more balance and breathing room in their everyday - both in work and life. Because REAL life is always better than screen life!

    • Less worry & stress in your day to day

    • Less connected to your phone or laptop

    • Confidence & control in your day to day operations

    • Ready for date night or family game night - no work talk!

    You dream of feeling:

    • You are passionate about your business, but spending time with your family is your biggest joy

    • You work best when you know where everything is, but is still flexible

    • Creating and serving others well makes your heart swell

    • Your work fuels you, but girl’s night or date night fills your cup

    We’re a match made in heaven if:

    Are you fitting your business into nap time or childcare hours? 

    Looking to grow your business, whether that’s by pivoting, outsourcing or growing a team?

    Are you serving clients well, but you never have time to work ON your own business?

    Do you dream of family vacations & making your house a home in your spare time?

    I work with you to make sure everything uniquely serves you & your clients to help deliver the best version of YOUR work possible!

    You are NOT cookie cutter, so why should your workflows & systems be?! They shouldn’t!

    With over 10 years of corporate experience and 8+ years of entrepreneurial grit, I’ve helped create & optimize over 50 workflows & processes! That diverse experience & creative thinking for all types of clients (corporate and creative) allows me to dream up custom tailored, different, and optimal solutions for YOU!

    Each business is unique -

    That’s what I help you do - for real!

    Ready to feel EMPOWERED, in control and equipped to run your business more efficiently? 

    What if I could help you get more time in your day, consistency for your offerings, and feel less stress & overwhelm - ALL while you are growing your business?

    Are you ready to have all of your tasks in one place (no more sticky notes), automate as much as possible to get it off your plate, up-level your client experience AND have a cheerleader in your corner to provide expertise & feedback? 

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    THAT is what well defined workflows & systems can do FOR YOU!

    Imagine if you had your service offerings running smoothly, task lists effectively created themselves, your clients were well cared for and you were FREE to create and do only what you can do!

     They are important to grow in revenue and team size. Once you have workflows and systems in place, you will have more time to dedicate to serving your clients, creating new offerings, and the ability to scale your team or market reach.

    Long story short, they might not seem directly revenue building, but you’ll eventually hit a ceiling without them.

    Systems create a foundation for your business.

    Why do I need a system?

    then get in touch!

    I know that checklists and organizing the business admin stuff isn't for everyone. After all, that's not why you started your business or where your passion lies - right?!

    Guess what?! I LOVE IT and I'm here to help you take back control of your business! First things first, hop to the blog for tips you can start using today!

    It's so overwhelming!

    Where do I even Start?