des moines, iowa and beyond

workflow & systems strategist

Hi friends! If you love living room dance parties, Friends and Gilmore Girls reruns and game night with friends, then you are in the right place, welcome! I'm Jenn - a lover of coffee, blooms, shorelines, farmer’s market mornings followed by cozy movie nights, belly laughs, bear hugs, community and celebrating everyday moments.

I live in Des Moines, Iowa with my college sweetheart, Adam, and our precious daughter, Ainsleigh. Our extended family is scattered, which makes our time together even more special!

It all began in first grade with a jungle green label maker and Mama teaching me to fold napkins for dinner parties. I find joy in the details and learning how to make others feel loved and special. I am so grateful that I am blessed to use those passions to serve my clients now!

It all began in first grade...

i believe

in celebrating the everyday

In belly laughs and big hearts.

I believe that relationships are the heartbeat of our life. We were created for community and I love celebrating the in between moments with ours!

I am in business to make sure you have the time to pour into the important things in life. It's all about giving y'all time to live your life to the fullest!

I'm fueled by black coffee (Lorelai style) and movie night with my AJPs! Welcome, sweet friend!

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