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Harper Hadley Events is a full service wedding planning company based in Des Moines, Iowa for intentional couples.

Founded in 2013, my mission is to help you focus on planning your marriage while I handle the details and logistics of your celebration!

our heart

our heart



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childhood memories

even pizza night was special!

Whether it was a Publix cake on special plates at MawMaw's, holidays decorated to the hilt at Grammie's or a dressy dinner party thrown by Mama and Daddy - I grew up soaking in celebrations! The art of hosting and the care and love that gets poured into it was commonplace.
I got so excited to get dressed up and help!

That feeling of gathering to celebrate life's moments big and small is unmatched. I find such joy in carefully setting a table and crafting an experience for guests. Their smiles and laughter say it all!

What we believe

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the heartbeat

of why we love the little things

My love for hosting and celebrating only blossomed as I got older. I was the off-beat 21 year old who threw a 1940's inspired cocktail party at my apartment instead of going downtown  - complete with fancy dresses, pearls and Benny Goodman!

It's not about things being perfect - the imperfections are where memories are made - but the heart behind it all. Making others feel special and loved is what it's all about. Nurturing and growing our relationships.

our approach

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Love stories

build families and legacies

"All because two people fell in love."

I believe that strong marriages can change the world. To allow our couples to lay a strong foundation, I value giving them the time and freedom to enjoy each other while planning their new beginning.

Your celebration design will be unique to you because your love story is unlike anyone else's. It's our job to make sure everyone sees yours.

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It's all in the details

something special just for you

With over 6 years of wedding design and planning experience, we have an intimate understanding of what it takes to plan and execute the wedding of your dreams.

Over the years I've been sharing my best planning and design tips, design inspiration, and advice for your marriage beyond your wedding.

Grab your coffee and sit a spell with us for a truly intentional celebration!

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