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workflow & system maintenance

We just completed your Systems Audit and you’re floored! You can see how you are going to have so much time back in your work hours and you can dream those big dreams again with confidence! #danceparty 

But, you just know that you need to hold yourself accountable and maintain all of the hard work you already put into setting yourself up for success. The one month follow up just won’t cut it. Girl, I’ve got you covered!

A maintenance audit is just what you're looking for!

accountability to keep things working smoothly


maintenance investment starts at $525 | proposals are created custom for your needs

if you're looking for

accountability so that groundwork
doesn't go to waste

We will meet to review any changes or questions you have and keep things in order.

We’ll start with a check in questionnaire and then schedule our 2 hour meeting (via video or in person). Armed with coffee and knowledge of your business goals, we will review the state of your business workflows and talk through what needs to be updated during our time together. 

Afterward, I will send you actionable items and recommendations. For more of that accountability, and because I am excited for you to see results, I’ll check in with you during a virtual coffee date a month later to see how the implementation is going. Afterall, the best laid plans are just plans if you don’t do the work, right?

Don’t let yourself land back in a state of chaos and confusion, constantly worrying about extra tasks or what you forgot. Let’s get this maintenance audit on the calendar and keep those systems working for you!

you're in the right place.