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Timelines and logistics can make or break your wonderful celebration! It doesn’t have to be a stressful process to create your event timeline, with or without a wedding planner. I have 4 wedding timeline tips that will help you be prepared early on to make your celebration run as smoothly as possible! As planners, we […]

4 Wedding Timeline Tips

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

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Over the years since I started planning and designing weddings, I hear one comment louder than any others when it comes to hiring planners. “My family and friends will help. I don’t need to spend on a planner. It’s a waste of money.” While I can understand that perspective, I also want to offer something […]

The Dollars & Sense of Hiring a Wedding Planner

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

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Oh, wedding dress shopping! It is one of the most exciting parts of planning and likely the part you’ve dreamt of the longest. C’mon, you know you were the 4 year old making toilet paper dresses. No, just me? Well, whether you did or not, I’m so excited for you to hear from my dear […]

Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Sweet Beginnings

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It was my first creative conference. My heart was racing, my brain was on overdrive and I could not wait to get to Virginia. Friends, my expectations were blown out of the water and after two weeks, I am still struggling to find adequate words. This talker still hasn’t found a way to convey everything to […]

Here's to the Creatives: My Creative @ Heart Recap

Business, For Creatives

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