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Inspired Tuesday: Dapper Gents

For Brides

In honor of AJP’s birthday today, I though I’d share some of my favorite men’s wear for weddings! Who says that it should be all about the dress, it’s their day too, right? I am a bit obsessed with bow ties, so it took everything I have to not post all bow tie photos, but I think we found some excellent choices. Below are a few traditional and modernized options for your beau.

First up, the ever show stopping black tie tuxedo. Whether you want to look like Mr. Bond or just uber elegant, this is a classic winner that will never disappoint.


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If you are a trendy groom or just love the unexpected, this navy blue tux with classic black silk lapel accents is a great option. This style and design easily transitions from season to season, so if it suits your style, it would also be a great wardrobe investment.


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The most widely worn is a three piece suit or tux. These options are very tailored and crisp. I alway enjoy seeing how each groom’s personality shines through with their selections of color and accessories. How about a patterned jacket? I love this tweed!

3 piece

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Speaking of,  if you love to show your personality through your wardrobe and often push the boundaries, your wedding should be no exception. These gents are confidently and happily sporting unexpected attire and rocking it! Velvet blazers are great for winter, but you can find a fun color jacket for any season!


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Last, but certainly not least, the casual and comfortable groom. Getting married on a hot day? Not a suit and jacket type of guy? Suspenders and vests are wonderful options. How about those leather suspenders? So fun and a great piece to keep for years to come.


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What are your favorite men’s looks? I love all of the new ways for gents to show their personalities, instead of just simply donning a classic suit (unless that’s their thing)! For more inspiration, check out the collection we’ve gathered over here!

xoxo, Jenn

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