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Sweet Beginnings: Vendor Talk

For Brides

I hope everyone has been having a great week, loves! Ours has been full of fun DIY and prepping for the holidays and a super fun project this weekend!

In the midst of that, I wanted to talk to you about the next step in wedding planning. So far, we’ve set a budget, determined guest list and chosen a date, style and venue. That’s a lot of work, but there is more to do. Phew! Last week, we talked a bit about researching vendors. This is really a pivotal point in the process. This is the time when you gather and build your dream team that you trust and can make  your dreams a reality without you stressing over every, single tiny detail. So, that is what we are talking about today.


Interview and hire vendors

Remember that vendor priority list? This is where that becomes handy. Also, most wedding planning resources will provide you a full list of things to ask each vendor when interviewing them. Things like how many hours their pricing includes, are they the person that will be there on your wedding day, are certain extras included and if not, what is the cost? We will focus on each of these vendor question lists in future posts as well.

Interviewing and meeting vendors in person also allows you to see if you connect or not. This is definitely a time to trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable for any reason, chances are that’s not the right fit for you. Like I’ve mentioned before, if someone isn’t the fit for you, that does not diminish their talent or value, but if you don’t jive and connect, chances are they feel it too. The main thing is to be sure that you are both 100% invested in each other to achieve the most desirable and wonderful outcome.

Once you’ve met everyone and asked all of your questions, it’s decision time. Start selecting your vendors and calling to book your date with them. Be sure to read through every contract and make sure you do not have any questions before you sign. I cannot stress enough that in the research and interviewing process, you should be hiring vendors that you TRUST. If you do this, you should be able to hand over the reigns, after offering your input, and trust them to do the job you hired them for in the most exceptional manner.

Next week, we will dive into all the fun stuff- attire, design and details!

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xoxo, Jenn


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