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HHE Girl Cave: Blank Canvas


Happy Friday, Lovlies!

Since before I started HHE, I’ve been dreaming up my little girl cave and all of the feminine touches, crafting and organization it will have. A place for me to dream my big and lofty dreams, create to my heart’s content, get inspired, house all of my prettys and be my office. And so, the Girl Cave was born. In our current apartment, I finally have an entire room to dedicate to it and I decided to share the journey of putting it together with you!


When we moved in, all I had was a desk and an old shelf. As a visual person, inspiration and a room that facilitates my best creativity is key. So, I have begun the design process, to be followed up with some serious organization, but one step at a time. Here is what I am starting with.


Oh yeah! Super exciting, right? I truly think so. It has fabulous light, is a blank slate and is ready for my personality infusion. Also, isn’t this lovely rental brown carpet to die for? Haha! Since I’ll be sharing this journey, I don’t want to put the cart before the horse (or however that goes), but let’s just say it involves a gorgeous gallery wall, pink curtains, an area rug to sprawl out on, a dress, shelves, and eventually a fabulous dresser of some sort. Oh, and oodles of details that make my heart sing.

The goal of this is not just a pretty space. I want to curate a space that really speaks to who I am, what makes me tick, what fires me up and the core of Harper Hadley. Let’s be honest lovelies, Harper Hadley is a piece of my heart and a true reflection of everything I stand for, not just a ‘pretty on the surface’ business. So enjoy this peek into my heart over the next month or two as it comes together. Next week I’ll be back with my inspiration board and maybe a sneak peek of a few other bits.

Do you have a space that is all your own? How does it inspire you?



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