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Curating your Story with Styling

For Brides

Hi Lovelies! Did you know that I offer styling services?

What exactly is styling? I am so glad you asked. Technically speaking, Mr. Webster defines it as “designing or arranging in accordance with a given or new style”. Ok, so what does that mean for you? That means that in addition to curating a fabulous love story, YOUR fabulous love story, I am also available to carefully curate and arrange all of your favorite pieces, stationery, accessories, you name it, for photos and an optimal guest experience. This is a skill that I adore and is so much fun for me. It is creative and relaxing and allows me to help show off all of the beautiful pieces that you put so much thought into.


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When would you need or want styling? There are so many facets of life, weddings and just plain creativity that styling is perfect for. Aside from your wedding, bridal showers, engagement sessions, marriage celebrations, home décor, proposals and any space or gathering that you want to put a special touch on are perfect opportunities.


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To me, styling as an additional avenue and skill set to tell stories better visually. It is all in the details. Instead of just writing a little notecard for guests about a story or putting it on your wedding website, why not have it in a photo. They are, after all, worth a thousand words, right? Styling itself is not a new concept, but it is certainly evolving and becoming more commonplace in the wedding industry. Many of us planners also adore thoughtfully arranging the things we design for and with our sweet brides, so that you and your family can remember the details and stories behind them.

I am teaming up with a few of my fabulous vendor friends to offer styling for your engagement session! First up, if Scott K. Anliker is (or will be) your photographer, email one of us to ask about our collaboration today!

xoxo, Jenn

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