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Inspired Tuesday: The Smith's Country Meets City

For Brides

This week I am switching a lot of things up, it seems. Instead of a typical Tuesday, where I pull inspiration for fictitious events, I thought I would share part of the design process I use with my HHE couples to bring their days to life.

Kristin and Jeremiah’s wedding last month was exactly what we discussed and came to life perfectly. However, we certainly went through a few iterations of design before getting there. Kristin came to me wanting ombre pink meets rustic and that is exactly what we gave them! I always start with adjectives and photos from my couples, then we decide on a color story and I put together an inspiration board for them. Once that is approved, the real fun begins!!


We certainly used a lot of the elements you see here and there were so many homemade details that family and friends contributed. Kristin also did an amazing job getting an ombre bridesmaid progression that echoed in the groomsmen’s attire. One of the tips I always give my couples is to gather inspiration that you can pinpoint what you like about it. Kristin really thought that through. We chose the rustic elements for Jeremiah’s love of the outdoors and hunting, chalkboard accents to highlight their families’ art talent and the pink and sparkle to help Kristin’s personality shine through.

When I share their full wedding, you will see how we pulled elements from this board, but infused so many more details that tell their story in the best way possible. I cannot wait to share more soon!

xoxo, Jenn



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