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Sweet Beginnings: Music

For Brides

Ever wonder whether a live band or DJ will fit your personalities best? What will your guests enjoy more and keep the party going? You are in luck! Today, I am sharing some tips from Travis at Unique Events to help you make an informed decision.

Unique Events has so many wonderful ways to personalize your wedding and make it stand out. Their staff is top notch and they are always going the extra mile to make your day perfect. Travis was kind enough to answer my questions, in the hopes of helping you find your perfect music team member. After all, the party is the best part, right?!

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What are the top 3 questions that couples should ask their DJ? 

You should ask questions that are open ended. For instance “What are the things that you feel are most important for a successful dance floor?” Ask questions that make them come up with an answers. Yes/No questions aren’t going to get you a lot of information. Honestly, I can’t even really think of specific questions that I think are critical to ask because I am a huge believer in reviews. I think if you are trying to figure out if a DJ is “doing their thing” you just need to see what past customers thought about working with them.

Advantages/Disadvantages of a DJ versus a live band. A few ways to determine if they’d like one or the other?      

I love live bands! I’ll be the first to admit it! Bands generally have a pretty limited scope of music they can cover, generally work off of a pre-determined playlist, take breaks and cost a considerable amount more than a DJ. DJ’s, although not as exciting to watch, can play and adjust music to the crowd, can play about any genre, have no breaks, can MC the evening, play through dinner, play your cocktail and if you have the right one can even help keep other vendors on track with what is going on!


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What are important qualities in a DJ and sound system that couples should look for? 

I think that the key to keeping a party going is to get the couple partying! There is a lot that goes into that, but I think the crowd feeds off the couple, so when the couple is just socializing the entire dance portion of the night, you often see the effects of that on the dance floor. Of course, the music that is played is important too, but things like keeping the event moving so your guests aren’t getting bored, getting the brunt of the socializing out of the way and getting our couples on the dance floor seem to be the keys in my opinion.

What are some of the common misconceptions about DJ services or notes you’d like to share with readers?

Most people assume that a good DJ shows up and as long as they play good music their guests just magically dance all night. They think that all DJ’s just show up and play music for 5 hours and leave. The reality is GREAT DJ’s spend a lot of time prepping for an event, spend about 12 hours that day on the event itself although it is just a 5 hours contract, keep an event moving, do things they aren’t hired to do because it is in the best interest of the client and also play music throughout the event.


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Anything else that would be helpful for couples to consider when selecting their DJ.

Meet with your DJ company in person before hiring them. Don’t trust the website or the emails. You will be surprised at some of the people you meet! Let them tell you about their company in their own words. You will know within about 5-10 minutes if they are the right company for you!

Travis, thank you so much for your expertise. If you have any follow up questions, Lovelies, please feel free to comment and we will get you answers! Happy dancing and celebrating!

xoxo, Jenn

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