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Sweet Beginnings: Lighting

For Brides

Is dinner as romantic without candles and dimmed lights? Is a mood the same in broad daylight versus at sunset? Do you enjoy dancing in a club or your backyard? All of these questions and more can help you determine if you want to invest in specialized lighting for your wedding. Speaking from experience, it definitely can set a different tone and give you bigger impact and wow factor. I am not just talking about colored lights on the walls, either!

I am so excited to have Travis, from Unique Events, back on the blog today to share some of his advice and expert opinions with you!


What are some reasons that couples might like to add lighting to their event (ceremony or reception)?

People add different types of lighting for different reasons. Some want to be able to pull the house lights down to hide something they don’t like about the venue. Some just want to incorporate their wedding colors into the space. Some want to highlight a certain space while others add lighting to showcase items like centerpieces and cakes.

What types of lighting are available and what do they add? When would certain types be most beneficial?

Uplighting is the most common by far and can add real drama (like reds) or be very subtle (warm whites). I think the most under appreciated, without seeing it in person, is Pinspot lighting. This type of lighting is what is going to make your imporatant items like cakes, floral and even bars and lounges stick out once you turn the house lights down! We also have different effect lighting options that can do everything from projecting a moving cloud and star pattern onto a ceiling to creating moving lighting effects that resemble fire creeping up the wall to creating water patterns on the floor!

Determining the type that will be most beneficial for you will be determined by a number of factors. Pinspots would be best if you are trying to highlight objects. Uplighting is a great way to both showcase a building’s features, or in another buildings case, hide certain features. This type of lighting also makes for really neat photos! Special effect lighting adds an unexpected element.


{ Brian Hall Photography }

What are some special touches that can set their event apart with rentals?

We specailize in special touches!  I find that most people get so caught up in trying to copy things they have seen at other people’s weddings or copying the next new Pinterest trend that they never take the time to consider items that they have NOT already seen out there! Now, not to say items like our Champagne Trees, Canoe Drink Trough and Custom Bar haven’t been done at some point, but a lot of the time if we mention these items to a customer they immediately discredit hem (subconsciously I think) because they don’t get it and haven’t seen it at a wedding before. That is EXACTLY why we invested in them though! They are a way to have that item that won’t be a other weddings your guests attend this year!

If you are considering adding extra touches and lighting to your wedding…

Keep your mind open on extra touches and get a little something that you like that is truly a unique item! On the lighting side, talk to an expert that can help you decide what types of lighting you should be considering based on your venue and your priorities.  They should also be knowledgeable about lighting in general. Uplighting is an important one because it is so available and a lot of people know they want it so they call around to get prices and book the lowest price. The problem with that is about every company that offers this service uses a different fixture with different lighting capabilities. Making sure you get a fixture that will work well at your venue and can truely do the color you are looking for is really important. We are those experts and would be happy to discuss your lighting needs with you whether we are able to help you ourselves or not!

You are now convinced that you need to talk to your beau and add lighting to your list of details, right?! Big thank you to Travis for taking the time out of your full schedule to help our sweet brides! We have a full line up of wonderful tips scheduled, but don’t forget to send your questions in for future posts.

Happy planning, Lovelies!

xoxo, Jenn

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