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Inspired Tuesday: Where it all Began

For Brides

It is where his parents were wed in the backyard, under the Pecan tree. Where his grandparents built their home and grew their family. Where he spent summers making mud pies and playing pirates in the pond. This is where he would marry his sweetheart. Where they would begin their forever. As she walked toward him, he couldn’t help but imagine all of the memories yet to come for their new family in this place. With joyful hearts and love ones surrounding, her father married them, reading from her grandmother’s Bible and they were intertwined for eternity.


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How beautiful and wonderful would it be to marry your soul mate in the same place that so much family history and commitment has already transpired? The legacy that was handed down to you, now becomes yours to build from and leave for your children. These are the moments that AJP and I dream of and yearn for. Whether you are in the same place or use elements of your family’s history, those details serve a purpose. They are not just memories or artifacts, but pieces of that marriage, that life and love that built the family you are in today. They are reminders of the wonderful life you are embarking on with your partner. There is no greater gift than that.

What special details did you incorporate into your wedding?  (hint: some of these details were in our wedding)

xoxo, Jenn

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