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Inspired Tuesday: Farmer's Market

For Brides

When planning your wedding, it is always so fun to incorporate some of your favorite hobbies or pastimes as a couple. Today, I was inspired by Farmer’s Market mornings. There is something so fun and romantic about rising with the sun and spending the morning meeting people, finding beautiful handmade pieces and bringing home local veggies and blooms.


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How sweet are those handmade beeswax candles. They would make a great detail on your tablescape or as thoughtful favors to guests. Also, why not decorate place settings and your table with fresh herbs and blooms that you picked up? Simple, elegant and natural. One of my favorite things to do with all of those goodies is cook with the ingredients and host some of our friends for an afternoon of great company.

Are you a market couple or do you have other weekend traditions you would infuse into your wedding or shower?

xoxo, Jenn

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