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Sweet Beginnings: Creating a Cohesive Look

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

How do you get what is in your head onto paper so that you can work with your awesome wedding team to make it a reality? Aren’t we all so jealous of those uber talented graphic designers that have the skills to make everything pretty?! There is great news, loves. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or magician to create your very own, custom wedding style guide!! I am so excited to share a wonderful design resource with you today. It will help you and your vendors create a cohesive design and also help you give your guests a wonderful experience from beginning end, with wedding websites coming soon.

This is for you if you are having a hard time gathering your inspiration into a pretty visual to share with your vendors and family. Violet Weddings is here to save the day. They are a free service that allows you to gather and compile your wedding inspiration into a simple and professional style guide.


Violet’s wonderful services are so user friendly. You simply create a profile, choose your wedding style and get to planning! They can help you with stationery, a website and inspiration, but this post focuses on the style guide.


Once you choose your wedding style, you can customize your monogram, color palette and inspiration photos. You can even upload your own images, in addition to the ones in their gallery. That feature is my favorite. Customize it to your heart’s desire!


Working with a designer or wedding planner, you will likely recieve a similar style guide. However, bringing something like this to your planner would also be helpful as a starting point. If you do not have a planner, this is a great alternative and way for you to get everyone on the same page. This tool is so simple to use and having a cohesive style and website is a bonus! That is not to say that the traditional curated binder of magazine gearings and sketches is not wonderful (in fact, sometimes I prefer the traditional way). However, if you are looking for a simple, streamline and visually lovely alternative, this is your tool!

xoxo, Jenn


Disclaimer: I am not sharing this as a result of any partnership with Violet Weddings, I simply love their service. HHE has received no compensation for promoting this service.

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