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Sweet Beginnings: Details That Tell Your Story

Sweet Beginnings

In a world full of beautiful inspiration and ‘Pinterest’ weddings, sometimes, it can be difficult to think of original details to incorporate into your big day. Often times, brides reach for something they have seen before and thought was neat, instead of reaching into their memory banks to pull out a piece of their unique and beautiful story. That is one of my favorite things to do with my couples.

I have touched on places to draw inspiration from before and now it is time to talk about where and how to bring those ideas to life and infuse them into the sweet details of your day.


Whenever I speak to my couples, I ask them to tell me about their relationship and engagement story, as well as what they envision for their future. It is in those answers that the small details that make them unique start to surface. There is always an aspect that someone else is going to ask you to elaborate on or pick out that detail more than you might. Whether or not you have a designer or planner, if you are having trouble thinking of details that could play a role, try recording your story. Talk as if you are sitting across the table from someone who does not know you or any details about your love journey. Listen to it back a day or two later and you are guaranteed to find elements that you will want to use.

There are so many fun ways to personalize pieces that artisans make (Paloma’s Nest, NS Pottery or Unlike Juliet and many more) as a way to share with your guests. Whether you want to have custom place cards that are stamped with your new monogram for your guests or maybe your favorite holiday is Christmas, so you make them all individual ornaments to commemorate your day. If you are travelers, pull inspiration from your favorite destinations. That could mean color, texture, food, photos or even music. If you are outdoorsy, consider using very natural elements and keeping things simple to highlight some of your favorite scenery displayed on canvases or as a backdrop. Maybe you are music lovers. You can make your save the dates concert tickets, have a live band, evoke the emotions of your favorite songs or use the lyrics and sheet music throughout the decor. There are no limits, as long as the details point back to you and hold meaning for the two of you.

Due to the vast nature of personal details and the fact that they are unique to your love, it is difficult to spout off a ton of ideas without knowing you, sweet reader. However, I encourage you to try to focus on your story and lives before looking for too many details online, in magazines or elsewhere. Sit in a room or coffeeshop and daydream. That is where your most authentic and unique ideas will reveal themselves.

What are some special details that you incorporated or will incorporate into your wedding day? Happy reminiscing, loves!

xoxo, Jenn


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