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For Brides

All of the milestones of their courtship happened before 9:00 am, between the sunrise and completing the crossword. They find inspiration in the birdsong and quiet peace that the wee morning hours bring with them. Holly & Michael met at the Farmer’s Market and from that day on, all of their favorite activities revolved around the beauty of the sweet morning hours.

When Ellen from Ellen Ashton Photography and Alyssa of Alyssa Joy & Co. came to me to help design and style a breakfast themed story, I was all in. I have been so inspired by the light, peace and promise of mornings. I don’t want to spill the preverbal coffee beans too early, but you can be sure to see a lot of colors from sunrise on the shore, sweet moments of simple day to day tradition and details that tell a story of joy in the morning!


Follow along on social media for behind the scenes sneaks and if you’re lucky, I might even share some extras on the blog next week!

xoxo, Jenn

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