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Alternative Fall Wedding Ideas

For Brides

This time of year is my absolute favorite, as you likely already know. Fall is cozy, fosters togetherness and is full of creative possibilities. Whether you like a traditional approach or want to go against the grain, I am so excited to share a few ways to incorporate some unexpected fall details into your wedding design!


Color palette: Sure, natural colors of the season are always going to be warm and welcoming. But…. who ever said they are the only ‘seasonal’ colors that would be appropriate. I have said it before, I do not believe in seasonal color palettes. There are no rules. If you want to pair your favorite colors together and they happen to be hot pink and green, do it! You can warm it up with a grey or deep brown neutral. Think about what will reflect you the most and approach it in an elegant way. Personally, I am loving steely blues and simple accents in neutral hues.

Texture or pattern: When I think of typical fall, I always go straight for flannel and warm fuzzy blankets, curled up with a cup of tea. Right? Instead of being literal, maybe use velvet linen or layer a pattern with solids in different textures for interest. Layering your fashion can translate into layering details on your tables or in your florals. Carry the texture or graphic detail through your paper goods as well.

Think outside of the box: Always start with our story. It is unique to you and what sets you apart. Do you adore a certain city that has a fall festival? Get creative with the history behind it or a tradition from it. Maybe your first date was to an orchard or for ice cream. The season is notorious for baked goods and hot beverages – share some apple donuts, pie, cider, pumpkin pasties or apple crumble and cranberry ice cream with your guests. (apparently I’m dreaming of dessert as I write this!) Maybe you love Anne of Green Gables and want to incorporate literature of the seasons.


Regardless of how you select details, I hope they mean something to you. Choose items and elements that are real for the two of you. Things you might see in your daily life. What do you enjoy about the season? How can you incorporate those experiences, emotions and surroundings to share them with your guests? That’s the real trick.

xoxo, Jenn

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