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Meet an HHE Couple | Kaitlyn & Jonathan

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In a month, we will gather under a beautiful Oak tree in rural Texas and celebrate the relaxed, honest, true love between Kaitlyn and Jonathan at Five Oaks Farm in Cleburne. Kaitlyn is a high school English teacher and Jonathan owns his own lawn care business. They are both hard working, laid back and cannot wait to make their sweet puppies official siblings. Enjoy these beautiful engagements taken by the talented Leah Golter and get to know them better in their own words.

How did you meet?

Jonathan and I met on eHarmony… We sound like one of the commercials, but it’s true. I think meeting someone online is a lot more common now-a-days, so it’s not as strange to hear. Our first date was at Cheesecake Factory in Southlake. Our second date was Mexican food and bowling, and I actually beat Jonathan’s score that night. : ) Then we both got food poisoning from the food we ate that night. To this day, we still cannot eat Mexican food!

When did you know that he was going to be your husband?

I don’t think there is ONE specific moment where I just KNEW he was the one. My love for Jonathan grew over time, and it continues to grow everyday. When I realized that just being around him made my heart feel warm and happy, I knew I wanted to spend my life with him.

When did you know that she was going to be your wife? 

Jonathan says he knew I was the one the first time he met me. He says he just had to wait a “normal” time period before he could propose. He didn’t want to freak me out… And he’s right, I probably would have thought he was crazy if he proposed after just a couple months!

What excites you about marriage?

We love the idea that we get to be our own little family, even if we just have furry children! Also, speaking of family, being an only child, I am excited to become part of his large family. I get to be an aunt to three little girls!

Describe your wedding in three words.

Simple and romantic with a vintage flair.

What is your favorite source of wedding inspiration?

I think just all the wedding magazines I have received from people. Etsy has also became an addiction since getting engaged… A lot of our wedding decor has come from Etsy. I love that everything can be personalized on there.

What is your favorite part of wedding planning? Least?

My favorite part is picking all the major components out: The venue, card box, centerpieces, the cake. My least favorite part is all the minor details that you need to figure out prior to the big day.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

I am most looking forward to Jonathan seeing me in my wedding dress. He says he’s not going to cry… But I’m secretly hoping that he does. : )

Are you taking a honeymoon? If so, where and what made you choose that destination?

We are taking a pre-wedding honeymoon. We’re not the most traditional couple, so we’re breaking the routine with the honeymoon too. We are going to Galveston, TX, which is our go-to vacation spot. We just love the slow pace, relaxing vibes down there. Just being away from the worries at home is so peaceful to us.

Do you have any advice for engaged couples?

Give yourself plenty of time to plan. I feel like six months to plan has been a little difficult to pull off!

What’s next for the two of you after “I Do”?

We are hoping to get a new house and move in the next year or two, so we will be saving up for our ideal house. We’re going to try to be patient and wait for the perfect house to come along.

Kaitlyn & Jonathan, the HHE team cannot wait to style and execute your fun and romantic day with surprises sprinkled in with the glitter!

xoxo, Jenn

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