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Sweet Beginnings | 3 Reasons to have a First Look of your Reception Space

Sweet Beginnings

Happy Thursday, lovelies! I’m so excited to be back to the Sweet Beginnings series and sharing tips with you, my sweet brides! We’ve talked about why you should build in time for your photographer to get untouched photos of your ceremony and reception spaces. Now, I’m sharing why I think you should take the time for a first look of those spaces, too! Aside from the fact that you deserve to, because it’s your day, check out my top three reasons below!

  1. It’s another quiet moment. This is another time built into your day for the two of you to slow down and take in what the day has in store for you. Whether you do your look before or after the ceremony, it’s a chance to see what you’ve worked on. To show your beau all those details you dreamed up and have a few moments away from the hustle. Often times, you arrive to your reception after your guests. That means that you do not necessarily get that opportunity to see the pristine design as you envisioned it. With this first look, you do! Especially if you use the same space for cocktail hour, don’t you want to see this dream space before everyone’s beverages and appetizers are scattered everywhere?
  2. It’s a photo opportunity with those meaningful details.¬†Once your guests are in the space and your reception timeline is in motion, you don’t always have the opportunity to get a photo together in front of your legacy table or that backdrop your cousin made for you. If you have other details that hold significance for the two of you, instead of just images of those items, you might want photos with them, sans distraction or bystanders in the frame.
  3. It’s just plain fun! For both you and your planner. You work together for so long to bring this vision to life and seeing it for the first time is such a magical moment. As a planner, it’s also my favorite to see my couple’s reactions.

Did you have a first look at your reception? If so, what made you decide to do so? If not, do you wish you had?

xoxo, Jenn

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