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Amanda + Zack | Classic Spring Aquarium Design Inspiration

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It’s time to start sharing about this amazing March wedding that’s coming together and I’m ecstatic! We have been hard at work and burning up the internet with hangouts galore. Amanda and Zack’s classic spring aquarium wedding is going to be amazing in just over a month – yay!

Amanda and Zack are such a wonderful couple and I have had the honor of helping them with their design along the way! When you provide a Design Book to your couple, go on maternity leave and come back to hear the bride say that she picked out exactly what was in the book without realizing it (multiple times!), you know it’s meant to be! Over the next month, I’ll be sharing A&Z’s wedding journey with you and I can’t wait. For now, let’s start with their inspiration!

Amanda and Zack are getting married at the Dallas Aquarium, which is so fitting for them. Their favorite thing to do is visit zoos and aquariums together. They’ve even been known to drive hours just to explore them. Though the venue is spectacular in itself, and perhaps because of that fact, they want to keep their wedding design classic, simple and elegant, while also infusing their playful personalities and some military traditions. They are both in the Army and met at Texas A & M, so you know we have to pay homage in some of the details!

Amanda & Zack got engaged during a hike at Olympic National Park last summer and have taken some wonderful trips to Europe and beyond. Throughout their floral design, detail selections and all aspects of our design process, we pulled from those locations and experiences. The color palette speaks perfectly to their engagement and favorite hues. The textures remind us of the water of the aquarium, the lake at the park and the beautiful vistas of Spain and Portugal.

Loves, I have the added joy of providing full floral for their wedding and this design just lit my heart on fire to bring those designs to life, too! We are going to have some seriously fluffy, elegant and romantic blooms coming their way. I am so excited to design Amanda’s bouquet mock up and share it with her on Friday at our walk through. Those special touches just make my heart flutter and I hope she loves it!!

Stay tuned over the next few months as we continue to walk through the highlights of their planning and design process, followed by sneak peeks and their full wedding! Sharing these stories with you through the HHE process is just my favorite!

xoxo, Jenn



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