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Meet a HHE Couple | Jill & Ashik’s Beautiful Love Story

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I remember the first time Jill told me about her blossoming feelings for Ashik. She was bashfully looking at a vase of flowers he’d given her ‘just because’. Next thing I knew, she was making that two-hour road trip to visit him often and then the two of them were visiting us in Dallas. There is something so truly wonderful about watching your best friend fall in love.

I honestly cannot tell their story as well as the two of them or these beautiful images captured by Whitney Woodall, so enjoy getting to know them and their love below!

How did you meet?

We met online! We both knew what we were looking for and lived two hours apart. I don’t think we would have ever met if it weren’t for online dating.

When did you know that he was going to be your husband?

I knew he was the one when I had a moment of panic over school and work and he was incredibly patient and supportive. Instead of the stress pulling us apart it drew us closer together.

When did you know she was going to be your wife?

A while after we started dating we were lying down discussing the future and joking around having a good time. When I looked in to her eyes I knew she was the one.

What excites you about marriage?

We are excited to grow together as individuals, a couple, and a family. We are so excited to be each other’s partners and be a support system for one another through all the good times and challenging times.

Describe your wedding in three words.

Love, loved ones, joyful!

What is your favorite source of wedding inspiration?

Much of our inspiration has come from our love of friends, family, and the outdoors.

What is your favorite part about wedding planning? The least?

Our least favorite part are all the contracts and logistics (which Jenn has been a great help with)! Our favorite part has been the food, drinks, and decor – especially the dessert!

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Lots of good food, an intimate atmosphere to gather with our friends and family, and all the memories we will make.

Are you taking a honeymoon? If so, where and what made you choose that destination?

We plan to take a small trip to a beach and then a bigger trip next fall potentially to Peru.

Do you have any advice for engaged couples?

Don’t get caught up in the stress of the details and focus on the parts that really matter to you.

What’s next for the two of you after “I Do”?

We look forward to spending some quality time together traveling and settling in to our jobs.

September 8th is going to be a beautiful day in Nashville and I’ll be sure to pack my waterproof mascara!

xoxo, Jenn

Photo Credit: Whitney Woodall Photography

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