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Stunning and Unique Hindu-American Vineyard Wedding Inspiration

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When your best friend comes to you with a vision for an intimate, colorful and elegant Hindu-American Vineyard wedding design, you answer YES and start dreaming up everything that is perfectly her and her fiance! Jill and Ashik will be getting married at Arrington Vineyard in Nashville in just under a month. Today, I’m so excited to share their stunning and unique Hindu-American vineyard wedding inspiration! From the colors and textures to vistas and florals, this is going to be a very special celebration.

We chose their venue, Arrington Vineyard’s Stone House, based on their love of the outdoors and cooking. Nashville is home to some of the most stunning vistas and culinary treats. We will also be bringing some desserts from Ashik’s hometown bakery and ordering some pies inspired by their childhood memories. The dinner experience and menu include stations with offerings from around the world and inspired by their favorite date nights cooking together. The layout and spacial designs are all built around a desire for everyone to dance, talk and enjoy each other’s company. It is family style seating, conversation nooks, and bistro string lights just begging for laughter to flood the yard!

This color palette is perfectly suited to both the cultural traditions and the hues that bring the two of them joy. Jill’s favorite color is yellow and I am so excited to be sprinkling it in throughout the design. We wanted to pay homage to the season, while keeping things timeless, as well. Just wait until you see the beautiful stationery design by my friend Andi – she incorporated everything so perfectly.

To only mention a few details we have carefully selected is hard, but my favorites are the desserts (yes, plural), multi-cultural ceremony and bridal party attire and their beautiful custom stationery. Just wait until you see how the inspiration above (and the extensive design book we did) comes to fruition and informs every detail of their marriage day.

In a couple of weeks, I am so excited to share a bit more about Jill & Ashik’s love story with you, in their own words, as well as some of their stunning engagement photos! Until then, I’ll leave you imagining all of the breathtaking beauty and wonderful, personal touches that we will bring to life in September with a stellar vendor team!

xoxo, Jenn

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