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Demystifying E-Design Services For Brides & Creatives

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

If you haven’t heard the exciting news, I am now offering design services separately from our planning collections! I know, I know – you can’t believe it and need to sit down. Or maybe you’re scrunching your face wondering what the heck this E-Design service even is. Today, I’m going to break it down for you – both brides and vendors. Let’s get down to demystifying Harper Hadley E-Design services!

You want a beautiful wedding, but also want to be budget conscious. You’ve been to a lot of weddings that feel like a Pinterest board exploded or are lack-luster and you don’t want that to be your celebration.

It would be music to your ears for your guests to say “wow, that’s the best wedding I’ve been to and everything was so thoughtful!”. Making it a day no one soon forgets is the goal. We love helping couples get creative and design a 100% unique to you celebration!

What does E-Design Mean?

E-Design means that it can be done with brides and vendors anywhere, not just local, for various events! We can design events electronically! It is so exciting to me when people message and say they wish we could work together, but assume it’ll be out of their budget or not realistic to do so if we aren’t in the same place. Not anymore! Even if I am not your planner or the one executing the designs, you’ll have everything you need when we are done, regardless of where you are. Woot!!

How does it work?

Well, we do all of the same extensive prep work to understand your story, relationships and what makes you unique. This can be done via video chat, email and phone calls. Isn’t technology so cool bringing us together that way?!

Once we do all of that prep work, I’ll sketch and write out my ideas and get them ready for us to discuss. From there, I take your input and draft your beautiful design book. This is where it’s at, loves. Your design book with have so much goodness and include every detail with visual and written representation.

When you’re 100% happy with your design book, I’ll start sourcing the details and put together your design budget line item by line item. If we need to use a vendor, I’ll recommend ones that are either national or local to you, depending on what works best for you and your budget. When you get your final design book and budget delivered, you can point, click and call with all of the detailed information you need to reserve and purchase those items. Easy as pie!

What if I am local or one of your brides?

Local friends and brides, we can keep things virtual or meet in person. I’m always up for a coffee date and chatting all things design! We can even do a combination, depending on schedules.

For Creatives, Workshops, and Editorials:

While design work is most often done for my personal editorials and wedding clients, I’m also offering these services to other creative professionals! Maybe you’re a wedding planner who doesn’t offer design but would like to partner to do so. Or maybe you have an editorial coming up that you’d like some design and styling assistance with. Or even a workshop that needs some design direction and someone on your team to handle that. I’m your girl!

Read more about E-Design Here!

If you have been thinking about working with a designer for any of your events or editorials, let’s chat about how we can make it truly unique and custom designed for you!


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