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How To Do A Systems Audit

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Do you ever think of audit as a scary word? Does it make you feel overwhelmed? Do you know what a workflow and systems audit is? I’m here to answer those questions and share some actionable steps for you to evaluate your business system, friend. Let’s take it one step at a time.

What is a workflow and systems audit? An audit is a systematic, intentional review of something. Your business will run best when the sum of all the parts is efficient. You can’t know what that optimal efficiency is if you don’t evaluate what is happening. I’m talking about a holistic, full review of everything from email templates, pricing guide, process, financial tasks, blogging and social media, etc. #allthethings¬†

The name of the game is to review, revise and refine to work smarter, not harder.

Like any large project, it’s easiest to make a plan, then break it down one step at a time. Then, take action little by little and it will add up fast!

Start by taking a look at all of your systems and tools, client and internal touch points, and workflows. Drill down for each item in that list to assess what’s working and what’s not. What can you add or improve?

Just like when you define your workflows, review your audit notes a few times¬† before you implement anything. This will allow you to add details and make sure you’re not missing anything.

To make the process and information more actionable for you, friends, I created an audit checklist! It walks you through the touch points and things to consider when you audit your business systems. Not only do I share tips and step by step details, but I even tell you how often to do it and give you insight into how I do my audits. What are you waiting for? Get your FREE e-book!Let the auditing and refining begin! I encourage you to make this a regularly scheduled exercise. If you make it a priority to maintain, you’ll see returns in every aspect of your business and life – promise! Cheering you on, as always!!


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