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How Heather Beat Overwhelm & Elevated her Client Experience with Done For You Systems

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the to-dos, things you want to do in business and the things you know you need to do, but they feel so big? That’s how Heather felt when she reached out to work on her systems. 

She was recently full time in her business and wanted to set herself up for success going into a busy photography season, but had no idea where to start. She was so overwhelmed by new to her technology, unsure of what was most efficient and didn’t have the time to research everything to set things up on her own. She needed help to get this done quickly and well. That’s where I came in! 

Sometimes, usually, it’s in the seasons of change that we need support. It’s during those times that #allthethings can feel like too much and we become frozen, for lack of direction and confidence. I’ve learned over the years that systems are the best way to get ahead of that. They give you structure and flexibility when you need it most. 

I can’t wait for you to hear from Heather (Heather Baker Photography) all about how working together on her Done For You systems (Dubsaod + Asana) helped her beat overwhelm and elevated her client experience during a busy season of change!

What was your life & business experience like when you decided to reach out to work together?

I just went full time and was trying to get things in place to make communicating with clients easier. It was taking me so long to figure out how to get everything set up the way that I needed it, in order to have a better workflow and client experience.

What were you feeling when you reached out? What made you decide it was time to potentially work on your workflows & systems?

A lot of overwhelm, and not knowing where to start! I knew with busy season and all of my sessions I would need a system in place to help better streamline and keep my sessions in order. Last year, even though it wasn’t busy, there was just a lot of overwhelm and feelings of things not streamlined and as in order as they could be. 

What were the main gaps/pain points you were hoping to address? Did we succeed?

Getting my Dubsado set up. Canned emails and timing of everything figured out. YES!! 😉 

What was your favorite part of the process? Of working together? Any a-ha moments?

When I saw how Asana could help me and work hand in hand with my Dubsado workflows!

Do you have any advice for others considering working with a workflow/systems strategist?

It’s better to invest in something like this instead of doing it yourself. It will save you SO much time in the long run and even in initially setting it up! It would have taken me months to get everything done that Jenn implemented for me in a matter of weeks. 

How do you feel/what does your life look like now, since we’ve worked together?

I feel great! If I wouldn’t have implemented all of this when I did, it would have been so chaotic, more so now during my busy season, than if I didn’t have my workflow and system in place!

Do you feel like it was worth your investment to partner with a workflow/systems strategist? Are your life and business better for it?

Yes! It was DEFINITELY worth it to invest and partner with Jenn. If I hadn’t, I most likely wouldn’t have had everything in place when I started getting busy with my sessions and things would have been even more overwhelming!

It’s such a good feeling to have canned emails, forms, and everything all ready to go to send out to my clients when needed and saves SO much time!! With as many emails and bookings I’ve had to deal with, it’s been a HUGE time saver!


Since we worked together on Heather’s systems, she has put in a lot of work in her business and was able to take a full maternity leave when welcoming her daughter earlier this year! Her business has grown so much (a testament to her skill, talent and heart). Having her systems in place and working smoothly, she’s been able to focus on serving her clients super well and still having time to enjoy her beautiful family! 

Heather is a perfect example of someone who made the time, amidst the busy, knowing that it would be a worthwhile investment. Seeing how she’s taken things even further with investing in herself and her business because of her confidence in her systems is why this work lights my heart on fire!

If you’re ready to get your business organized and get back to doing what only you can do, all while having margin to live your life, or would like more information, get in touch today!


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