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All three of my ideal brides have their own personality and style, as you do. However, they also have common threads and a similar heartbeat that echoes that of mine. The true core of this business and the values that I hold dear. Those same values that I hope to impart to all of you […]

The HHE Bride: Meet Ellie

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Last week I introduced you to sweet and feminine Hadley. To be honest, she is the most like me, but the values and heart of HHE lend themselves to various personalities and brides. All of these women value family, faith and the sweet every day moments we all too often take for granted. This week, […]

The HHE Bride: Meet Harper

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Ideal client. Two illusive and hard to define words that seem to hold all of the magic as a small business owner. I have been learning and dreaming up who my perfect fit bride is for years. I am thrilled to say that I have discovered not one, but three amazing brides that would blend […]

The HHE Bride: Meet Hadley

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