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The HHE Bride: Meet Ellie

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All three of my ideal brides have their own personality and style, as you do. However, they also have common threads and a similar heartbeat that echoes that of mine. The true core of this business and the values that I hold dear. Those same values that I hope to impart to all of you – authentic relationships and a love for the good stuff in life. Today I am so elated to introduce y’all to the third and final ideal bride for Harper Hadley Events.


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Ellie is a solo-preneur bride. She owns a paper goods and graphic design boutique that serves brides and other sweet clients. She met her fiancé through mutual friends at a concert and cannot wait to start the next chapter of their life together.

Like Hadley and Harper, she also values family, natural elements and the in-between, simple moments in life. In her precious free time, you can find her curled up with a book or the current issue of Vogue, going on a hike, painting or baking her great-grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies. For date night each week, Ellie and her beau frequent their favorite restaurant, then go home to watch movies on the couch. On a special occasion, you will most definitely find them front row center at a concert. Music fuels not only their souls, but also Ellie’s creativity.


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Being in the wedding industry, Ellie is so overwhelmed with all of her options and needs help focusing on what speaks to her and her fiancé’s story. Her design aesthetic is clear, but she is seeking someone who can bring it all together and focus on curating the details that best bring out their personalities. Also, being an entrepreneur already takes 60 hour weeks, so she needs someone to take on the planning and leave her the free time she covets so dearly.

Are you like Ellie– full of passion for your craft, creative and detail-oriented, but needing help so you can be intentional with your precious white space on your calendar? I am here for you, sweet girl and cannot wait to meet you!

xoxo, Jenn

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