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Do you ever find yourself wondering what you should wear to a wedding based on the attire note on the invitation? What if there is no specification? Then what do you do? I always recommend arriving over dressed as opposed to under. However, I am so excited that our friends at T.M. Lewin UK have […]

Sweet Beginnings | Menswear Tips for the Guests & Bridal Party with T.M. Lewin UK

Sweet Beginnings

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Let’s talk about men’s fashion! If we are being honest, most of our men are not big fashion lovers and will wear whatever makes you happy on your wedding day, right? That is all wonderful, but I believe in including your fianc√© is the menswear decisions for your marriage day. After all, don’t you want […]

5 Tips for Selecting Menswear

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

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