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5 Tips for Selecting Menswear

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

Let’s talk about men’s fashion! If we are being honest, most of our men are not big fashion lovers and will wear whatever makes you happy on your wedding day, right? That is all wonderful, but I believe in including your fiancé is the menswear decisions for your marriage day. After all, don’t you want him to be comfortable and feel his best? Last week we talked about dressing your bridesmaids. So this week it’s only fair we give the gents a turn, right? This is the perfect opportunity to get him involved in the planning! Don’t worry, with my 5 tips, it should be a (relatively) quick and painless process.
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  1. Consider the Ladies’ attire – Remember when we talked about outfitting your ladies in fabulous fashion? That usually happens before the gentlemen, unless your groom is super fashion forward. Just like you want your girls to compliment you, so do you also with the groom and groomsmen.
  2. Consider your Groom! It is his day, too.  He should feel just as amazing as you in his attire and his guys should compliment him. Does he want to feel comfortable and go for a more casual chino and sport coat or dress to the nines line Bond? Maybe something in between with a suit and tie.
  3. Let their personalities shine – This is where you an add fun touches with accessories! You get to choose jewelry, belts and an amazing gown with details. Let your guy show off as well. Consider custom cufflinks, fun socks, bowties with texture or even a fun colored or patterned dress shirt. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Budget – Again, your friends are honored to stand by you two, but you certainly want to be respectful of the financial commitment they are making by doing so. If you are going with a more classic look, maybe they all have the same color suit or would like a new suit in their closed. In that case, purchasing would be an idea. On the other hand, like many ladies’ options, there are online designer rental options now! Consider sitting on the couch with your groom and selecting a look he likes from sites like Menguin and The Black Tux!
  5. Consider the overall aesthetic – Last, but certainly not least, ensure that all bridal party fashion is consistent with the feelings you want to impart to your guests and the overall aesthetic of your day. make sure your color palette is represented and the adjectives you named when selecting all of your other elements ring true for the menswear, as well.

As with any fashion choices, or wedding choices for that matter, the opportunities to customize and selections are endless. I always encourage my couples to consider your personalities, comfort level and personal details when choosing any detail for their marriage day. This is no different.

xoxo, Jenn

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