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Goal setting, vision casting, resolution making. The majority of us have seen these phrases splashed across our screens and social media the past few months as we rang in the new year. While I enjoy doing all of those things, when January hits the calendar pages, I am usually a bit behind on the new […]

2018: Year of Simplicity


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When you consider your relative size to this vast world and galaxy that we live in, your perspective shifts. When I added to that perspective my role as the Father’s child – things got really interesting. I began to lean into and embrace my smallness in the big picture. I began to look at every […]



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Last week I introduced you to sweet and feminine Hadley. To be honest, she is the most like me, but the values and heart of HHE lend themselves to various personalities and brides. All of these women value family, faith and the sweet every day moments we all too often take for granted. This week, […]

The HHE Bride: Meet Harper

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