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Are you ready for some much deserved time off for the holidays? I don’t know about you, but I used to have the hardest time actually taking the time off! Knowing how to take time off for the holidays and plan ahead takes discipline and gumption as a small business owner.  When the holidays are […]

4 Tips for How to Plan Ahead to Take Time Off

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On Friday, September 10th (one week early) we welcomed our precious Jack Tate to our family!  His birth was a complete answered prayer in every way. With Ainsleigh, I was induced and in labor for 36 hours. Overall, it was not terrible (thanks epidural) but I knew I wanted to do everything I could to […]

Baby Pocho | Jack’s Newborn Session


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Photos equal legacy to me. I believe I’ve shared this before, but some of my most vivid memories as a kid are sitting around a table or on the floor pouring over family photos and soaking in the stories! It was one of my favorite things to do and I so deeply want that for […]

Our Family/Maternity Session at Jester Park

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Today is my birthday! Another year has passed full of joy, sadness, lessons and all the things. This past year saw a lot of change, across a full spectrum, for me and our family. We bought and moved into our first home, Ainsleigh turned two (no longer a baby, but becoming a little girl), and […]

33 Things & A Birthday


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Marriage Planning Vs. Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is an honor and joy, but have you ever taken a moment to pause and focus more on the marriage you are starting? So often, a wedding day celebration takes center stage for your full engagement season and the forever promise and commitment you’re making takes a back seat. Are you prioritizing your […]

Why you should focus on Marriage Planning Over Wedding Planning

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