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There are so many things that go into executing a wedding day. All of the details, contacts, contracts, special notes, timelines, checklists and other miscellany have to be corralled somewhere. How else does a team of wedding professionals and planners make your day happen on the actual day? This dilemma was one of my most […]

Coffee Dates | What is an Event Book & Why You Should Use Them


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How many times have you had to manually send something to a bride, time after time, and wished there was as system that did that for you? Or an app that was always available to you, no matter where you are when you have that amazing idea or need to note a task before you […]

Tools of the Trade | HoneyBook & Trello

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All three of my ideal brides have their own personality and style, as you do. However, they also have common threads and a similar heartbeat that echoes that of mine. The true core of this business and the values that I hold dear. Those same values that I hope to impart to all of you […]

The HHE Bride: Meet Ellie

Business, For Brides

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