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I see you, you nostalgic, art loving stationery aficionado! You are all about the added charm and color of vintage postage stamps. How can you not adore the extra luxe and story that those beauties add to a paper suite? I know I, for one, cannot resist. For years, I have been wondering the best […]

How to Assemble Vintage Postage Stamps

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When I was maybe six or seven, I so distinctly remember looking through my parents’ and grandparents’ wedding albums. I remember so vividly when my mom gently pulled their wedding invitation out of the sleeve in the front. How gingerly she held it and the smile on her face as she remembered the day they […]

Sweet Beginnings: Letterpress

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Last week Danielle, from Iron Leaf Press, helped us understand the many wonderful ways that our invitations and paper suite can be printed, over here. Holy moly, did you know there were so many options? The differences are subtle, but certainly different and offer you various levels of detail to suit your personality and that […]

Sweet Beginnings: Stationery

Sweet Beginnings

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Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! I am so elated to introduce  you to my friend and paper maven, Andrea of AC Designs today! Paper, in general, is one of my favorite things and the passion that Andi has for design and celebrating your life’s memories with paper just speaks to my heart. She is also one of […]

HHE Friends: AC Designs | Custom Wedding Stationery

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