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As planners, we all love logistics and being prepared. I realize that is not necessarily a strength for some brides and that not everyone is able to have a planner on your vendor team. Whether you have one or not, a timeline for your wedding day is absolutely KEY to keeping the day moving and […]

Sweet Beginnings: 4 Timeline Building Tips

For Brides, Sweet Beginnings

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Wedding days for planners can get hectic, fast paced and before you know it, the bride and groom are now Mr. and Mrs., cake has been cut, dances danced and you still haven’t sat down since breakfast! Phew! Over the past few seasons, I have learned a few tips and essential items to have on hand […]

Coffee Date: Wedding Day Essentials


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Hello, lovely brides! Today I am so excited to share a few tips today on how to lessen your wedding day stress, even without a planner. Of course, I would love to meet and work with you to bring your day to life and highly recommend that you meet with a planner at the beginning of […]

Sweet Beginnings: Tips to prepare for your Wedding Day

For Brides

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