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Coffee Date: Wedding Day Essentials


Wedding days for planners can get hectic, fast paced and before you know it, the bride and groom are now Mr. and Mrs., cake has been cut, dances danced and you still haven’t sat down since breakfast! Phew! Over the past few seasons, I have learned a few tips and essential items to have on hand to make a wedding day run more smoothly and lessen the wedding hangover the next day.


  1. Water bottle – whether you have your favorite pretty bottle or you grab one from the gas station with your cup of coffee, staying hydrated is absolutely paramount. On days that I don’t it is very evident, come 10:00 when my headache sets in, my body feels more tired than it should and joints are way too stiff. While this definitely will not alleviate all of that, I promise, it helps.
  2. Good, flat shoes – A supportive pair of shoes (or two) are a must. In fact, I truly do take three pair with me. I do not always wear all of them, but switching out throughout the different phases of the day helps me a lot. I start the day in my Sperry‘s, then move to dress flats (these Aerosoles are my jam, right now) and then if I need a change later, I slip into my Toms.
  3. My Vendor Apron – as I mentioned in this post, my Oatmeal Lace vendor apron is my must have, favorite accessory on a wedding day. I can keep my phone, scissors, bandaids, safety pins and other odds and ends in it and never worry about losing them or having to run back to my emergency bin. It also lets everyone know who I am and helps myself and my assistant look more professional. Win, win!
  4. Emergency bin – You have heard of the emergency wedding day kit. Well, loves, I have a whole bin full of anything anyone could possibly need. I am talking Mary Poppins style; things just keep coming out of it and you never know when it ends. I believe in being over prepared. You would be surprised how many times my sweet couples and their families need things out of it! (or myself…)
  5. Binder/Clipboard/Event book – this combination is my magic stuff. My binder, which I will elaborate on in a future post, holds all of the extras and hand written notes just in case. It also holds contracts, since it is not common that I need to carry them with me all day. My clipboard and event book are my instruction manual for the day, if you will. The HHE event book is the master plan (more on how this comes together soon). It includes a full vendor and family contact list, timeline, set up details, exit plan and any extra notes I need throughout the day. It keeps myself and my team on the same page so we are all working from the exact same thing.
  6. Assistant(s)– These wonderful days would not happen without my amazing assistants. Whether it is an intern, AJP or another family member, I cannot do what I do alone. Not only are they wonderful for support, but they help me as my right hand person all day, can run errands if needed and make everything so much more efficient. Endless love to you all for helping, dealing with the crazy and loving everyone through it. Celebrating these sweet couples with you is the icing on the cake.

Fellow planners and vendors, do you have other essentials to share? I am always looking for other ways to help things run more smoothly and tips for others. May your wedding days be wonderful and your Sundays full of rest (the magic last essential). Happy days, lovelies!

xoxo, Jenn


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