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Inspired Tuesday: Earthy Elegance

For Brides

Welcome back to Inspired Tuesdays, loves! I have so missed putting these together and sharing them with you!

Selecting your wedding colors and inspiration can get overwhelming. That is where I hope this fun series helps you. Inspiration comes in all shades, seasons and facets of life. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. With the in between weather we seem to be having, I was drawn to the idea of transitional options. Are you struggling with a season that is in transition between Fall and Winter? Perhaps you live in a warmer climate, but still love the cozy colors of a winter fete. This is for you!

When I think of a bright and fresh season arching color story, pomegranate and natural elements leap to mind. This can easily transition seasons while always remaining timeless.

fall winter inspiration

{ via: Cake | Paper | Floral | Bridal Party }

The pomegranate and figs can be elements carried throughout from stationery, to decor, to your menu. The buttery yellow adds a soft touch of romance and coupled with the light steel blue is so ethereal. No one said that any colors have to cater to a specific season. This palette can easily apply to a summer wedding, but I absolutely love the elegance of an earthy palette for cooler months.

What would you like to see boards for? Anything you’ve been thinking about, but would like some help making a cohesive idea? I’d love to hear from you!



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