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2015, the year of…

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For the past few years, I have used Lara’s method of goal setting and it has been a breath of fresh air. When I started working through everything this year, I realized that I needed to be more intentional with my time and thoughts. Throughout the process, there is always a word or theme that presents itself and with the growth we go through daily, it is no surprise that it is different every time.

The way I have been talking lately might lead you to think that my word, like many others I’ve seen, is “intentional”. You would be wrong my friends. While I do intend to be intentional in all aspects of life this year (see what I did there?), I actually kept circling back to CULTIVATE.


Cultivate – to prepare and use for growing, to grow and care for,

to grow or raise something under conditions that you can control. (Webster’s dictionary)

YES! Last year my word was build and I definitely built some strong foundations, but this year is a season of tending. As Lara described seasons of life in her book, it became so clear that I am in ‘summer’, ready and willing to dig in, tend to my life and prepare for the harvest.

While we cannot control everything in life, we have many choices that do allow us to control, focus and nourish different facets. This year, I will grow and care for my relationships with God, Adam, family, friends, my couples and anyone that I interact with. I will direct and guide each intentional action in life and business with love. Every single action, word, and thought will be weighed against whether or not it cultivates a life of love, service and contentment.


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We live in a fast paced, visual and very much a virtual reality world. I am just as guilty as the next gal, no matter how much I would like to deny it. While there is a time, place and purpose for our online lives and networks, it is high time that we get back to face to face interaction. That we cultivate and invest in real, conversational, meet for coffee relationships. Those friendships will inevitably blossom and bless all involved. They will present opportunities and reach areas of life that we cannot even see right now. Those are the ideas that fuel my deep desire to truly cultivate an intentional life this year.

In the spirit of tending and fostering growth, I am taking my time and giving myself grace in writing out my goals. They are listed, but I’m still digging into the practical steps. Once they are completed, I will share some of the overarching goals with you for accountability and so that we can support each other.

What are your goals this year? Your word? What are you going to cultivate in the coming months?

xoxo, Jenn

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