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HHE Friends: Bride Meets Wedding

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Happy Friday, Lovelies! I am so excited to bring back a series, with a fresh name and more fabulous vendor friends! The HHE Friends series will introduce you to some amazing and oh so talented vendors and resources in the area, as well as help you get to know them and what makes them tick!

First up is my sweet friend Aubrey, from Bride Meets Wedding. We met last spring and after a 3 hour lunch(!!), we have kept the ideas flowing and collaborations keep spilling out everywhere! This girl has such a heart and passion for weddings, family and what matters most, which is reflected in every aspect of her life and business. I mean, she has the cutest assistant to boot- her son Liam!

I was also so honored to have co-sponsored and helped bring one of Aubrey’s dreams to life last month- the Veils + Cocktails Event. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one and to see all of the fabulous things this boss lady has up her sleeve. Without further ado, a few words from this lovely, herself:


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A bit about Aubrey:

I graduated from North Central College in Naperville, IL in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Communications and Marketing. After college I worked at a PR company in Chicago and KISS FM radio station doing promotional events. I used to sit at my desk during my daytime job thinking about weddings and how I wanted to get into the business, so I decided to finally go after it and became a certified planner. I worked on wedding things at night and on the weekends.

Tell us a bit about your love story and why you love all things wedding.

Ironically my love story began with weddings! My husband and I, although had attended the same high school, never spoke or hung out until connecting at multiple weddings of friends. I had one too many glasses of wine and started talking to him like I had known him for years. At that point I wasn’t in the search for a serious relationship or boyfriend, as I was just about to move to Chicago, and wanted to live the single life with my girlfriend. I tried to stay in the friends zone, but he ultimately won me over with his sweet, caring and driven personality. I can’t even image life without him now. He is by far my biggest supporter and keeps me motivated to always be better. It’s funny, because he now thinks he knows so much about weddings..haha. He went into the relationship knowing I love weddings and helps with a lot of the behind the scenes action of Bride Meets Wedding.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

So many favorite parts of a wedding, but one of my favorites is hearing a groom’s speech to his new bride. In the past there have been toasts where I barely even knew the groom and was in tears after his speech. It’s so great to see all the love in one room and what is more romantic than a guy that can confess his love for his new bride?!


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You own Bride Meets Wedding,  an amazing wedding resource blog. Tell us a bit about that and how it came about!

After I married my husband in 2011 we relocated to Dubuque for his job and I knew that I wanted to continue either wedding planning or working at a wedding venue. The timing was not the most perfect; moving right after wedding season and right before the holidays. I searched for positions and just wasn’t having any luck. We made some new friends and they just so happened to be getting married that following Spring and asked for help. I thought it was a great opportunity to help them out, meet vendors in the area, and learn about a completely different wedding market. While searching for vendors for them I realized there was nowhere to go for planning!

So many destination weddings happen in the Dubuque/Galena area, and so many are planning from their computers. I wanted to create something that encompassed all the aspects of a wedding from budget to vendors to great local weddings. I strive not to be seen as a “wedding directory” or “guide”, but rather a place where couples can check out some great local wedding inspiration and find tools that can help them throughout the process.

I also just launched a sister site that is for the next phase of married life – babies! Mommy Meets Baby is the same concept as Bride Meets Wedding, but for parents-to-be. It’s an idea I’ve had from the very start and I’ve had so many past featured wedding couples and wedding vendors announcing their pregnancies that I knew it was finally time to pursue another idea!

What is your favorite wedding trend right now? 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the illusion necklines on the bridal gowns and the return of the cascade bouquet!

What tip(s) can you share with our readers about planning their wedding?

As many have probably heard multiple times – don’t stress over the little things! The day goes by so fast and others won’t even know that the chair ties were supposed to be roses instead of bows! The most important part is to take a minute to step away with your new husband or wife and soak it all in. I always recommend doing this right after you exit the ceremony. Take a breath and enjoy the beginning of your new life together as a married couple!

Say hi to Aubrey online: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

If you are in the eastern Iowa/Tri-state area, please take a look at Aubrey’s amazing inspiration, resources and just tell her ‘hi’. She’s such an amazing person and a joy to be around. I’m so blessed to call her friend.

xoxo, Jenn

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