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Girl Cave: Furniture & Progress


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, lovelies! I’ve been a busy bee working on pulling together the office and some awesome projects coming up for HHE! Today, I wanted to share with you my major furniture pieces, as mentioned in step 4 of my design process. The girl cave is still a work in progress, but I’m finally starting to feel organized and inspired in the space!


As a creative, it seems evermore difficult to find pieces that are exactly what I envision, since I want more than just a desk and standard file cabinet. Also, I’m a bit picky when it comes to investing in my ‘me’ space. When I say invest, I mean that I am creating a space to host friends for work days and clients. I want it to feel cozy, comfortable and still open. I am dealing with a small space, after all.

When I was looking for furniture, I wanted bright, clean and airy pieces that allowed me to have the storage and display space I need while still staying organized. I also wanted to invest in pieces that would be neutral enough to be reused over the years, if I ever get the itch to update the decor of the girl cave. I will admit, there were times that I seriously considered having AJP help me build something. However, since we are still renting and won’t be in this space too long, I didn’t want to invest all of that time and energy into something, when my dream desk was out of the budget. So, I kept looking until I found items that would work.

For me, white furniture was a must, with pops of color in accessories and artwork. So I scoured the internet for a desk, shelving and file cabinet to start. My priority was definitely a desk. In our old digs, I used a corner desk from Walmart that was black and tiny and not me at all. We actually left it at Adam’s dad’s house in his guest room, so I had nothing but the kitchen table for a bit. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find a simple parson’s style desk at Target on SALE! My favorite shopping word! This desk was only $40, yes, you read that right! I’ve had my desk chair for over a year. It was a TJMaxx find and I adore it.


Next up I needed shelving for all of the things I had thrown in the closet. Again, I wanted crisp and white, as well as a buffet height for under my gallery wall (still not up). I remembered that IKEA has larger cube shelving and even got everything into my cart (we are 5 hours from the nearest store), then found out that shipping would cost me more than my total purchases! So I was back to the drawing board and almost ready to plan a trip up north. Then, I found the Better Homes and Gardens version at Walmart for the same price and it was the same dimensions, too! I had to order the white version online, so the waiting began.

While we were waiting for that to arrive, I started shopping online sales for a printer and file cabinet. I finally found a cabinet I love from Target and Adam found a great deal on a printer at Best Buy. Now, the printer is not my favorite thing visually, but I love being able to do all the printing, scanning and copying I need to. I was on my way to a working, professional office space!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I had new furniture boxes sitting in my office, waiting to be put together and no time to do it. My sweet husband surprised me and had it all put together when I got home from Creative at Heart last month. Since then, I have mapped out my gallery wall, reorganized the closet, established a filing system for our home and my business and have so many more dreams for the space.


{ please excuse the printer in the corner going to Goodwill }

I also cannot forget a few of my favorite items that bring my personality into the room. I got the prettiest pink satin curtains and navy blue rug from Target to soften the space. Also, do those closet knobs look like standard apartment issue to you? I switched them out with some beautiful pink acrylic knobs I found at Hobby Lobby! Then, something I have wanted to do since I started HHE! After cleaning the closet, I was able to free up a corner with no direct sunlight and I hung my wedding dress with my beautiful Mrs. Pochobradsky hanger! Every time I enter the girl cave, it is the first thing I see and it makes my heart smile.


I still am in the not-so-patient search for an armoire and small settee to complete the room, but it’s starting to come together and I adore my little girl cave. I’ve done a few more things since these pictures were taken, including hanging my dress (photos to come). There is some serious magic happening in here this year and I cannot wait to share the journey with you, loves.

xoxo, Jenn


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