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Date Night: Spring Fever


The weather is starting to stay sunny and breathe some life back into the world. The sweet breeze is flowing through open windows along with the songs of birds. That can only mean one thing… Spring is upon us!

I’m sure we are all overjoyed at the fresh and energizing feeling we are experiencing and ready for some spring cleaning. No, just me? After bundled up and fireside dates, I’m sure we are all itching to get outside and spend time with our friends and loved ones. Today, I’m sharing my top five low on cash, high on love ideas.


  • My all time favorite spring date is to get a pizza or pack a basket and go for a picnic by the lake or river. However, a pretty field and a soccer ball in tow will do just as nicely!
  • Al Fresco dining or coffee outside your favorite cafe, enjoying the weather and excellent people watching. Oh yea, and conversation! (I’m a major people watcher….)
  • For my sports loving couples, take a football, frisbee, soccer ball, whatever to the park and just have fun! A little competition never hurt anyone and it is always fun to let loose and stay young. The exercise is also an added bonus. Work out- check!
  • Grill out a new recipe on the deck and take in the sunset with a glass of wine, reminiscing and dreaming up your next adventure.
  • I’m really excited about this one, though AJP might not be- yet. Go on a trip to your local nursery or home improvement store and pick out some goodies for your garden. Whether you have a nice plot or a little deck like us, deciding what veggies to grow together and which blooms to brighten your doorstep can make for an amazing afternoon!

What are some of your favorite spring date ideas?

xoxo, Jenn

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