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April Goals: Learning


How is it already April!?! When did that happen? This is the time of year where it seems everything starts to speed up and take off. In an effort to avoid the speeding train, April will be full of focused and intentional cultivation of new hobbies, new knowledge and maybe even a few new things on the HHE side of things.

Last month was actually one of the best goal months I’ve had over the last few years. After reflecting on why, it was largely in part to being intentional and having my tending list visible and easily accessible. I also broke my goals down to smaller pieces than ever before. It felt good, my loves.

This month, I am taking those lessons and building on them. Many of my monthly goals already are done or mostly there. I’m not sure if it is the spring weather or just something in my heart changing to focus better. Whatever it is, I will take it!


Here’s a quick March recap: I have a written plan for efficiencies moving forward for the business side of things, a consult with a dear friend next week and drafts of some pretty amazing bits of my new and improved client experience. While I did not paint on canvas, I did learn calligraphy and have fallen head over heels for it! The whole intention behind painting was to find a new creative outlet, which was certainly found in calligraphy. However, the canvases, brushes and paints are in the HHE office, so that might happen this month!

As noted last month, half of my goals are personal and half are business related. This month, I am transitioning into more learning focused goals, while still making progress on practical and nurturing ideas. Here are my overarching goals for April.

Learn more intentionally. While continuous learning is unavoidable, I admit that I have not been very intentional and focused about it. There are the daily lessons of business ownership, but the technical side of things, like learning Adobe suite, Quickbooks, writing skills and so much more have fallen by the wayside. Allowing that in lieu of learning as tasks dictate is going to be no longer.

Dedicated time for finances. This is both a personal and business goal. For HHE, I am scheduling in duty days twice per month. Knowing myself, one long day will bore me to tears. So if I break it up, it is more likely that things will get accomplished. Little by little, right? Once I get in a groove, I’m hoping to share tips for duty days in the Coffee Dates series. On a personal note, AJP and I are starting Financial Peace University this week. We are so excited to see how it changes our approach to money, life and marriage. It is sure to be an enlightening, frustrating and empowering next few months learning all of that goodness.

Living a healthy lifestyle. This is certainly a commitment and yo-yo situation for the Pochos. Personally, I have always struggled with the balance of healthy living and moderation. Historically, I gravitate toward extremes. No more. We are committing as a team, to exercise five days a week and plan a healthy menu. In addition, we are limiting our eating out to two days per week (sometimes lunches are hard!). We are learning how to make this full lifestyle change. That does not mean that we will not indulge in some favorite foods and desserts, just in moderation. Yes.

What are your your goals this month? I would love to encourage you in pursuit of them. Whether you comment and share or not, I am cheering you on and know that you CAN do this! You are enough and you are AMAZING!

xoxo, Jenn

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