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Inspired Tuesday: Pure Romance

For Brides

When I think of romance, immediately my mind pans from a ‘meet cute’ to wedding to kids, then to two people dancing and laughing together when they are 80. The journey and story. Romance is so much more than pretty things and wistful places. To me, it is the profound love people share and the life they build.

Romance is defined as “a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.”

The real trick and true meaning for many of us is to find that mystery and excitement IN everyday life. It is the side glances and grins across the room, holding hands while watching their children play and keeping the joy alive that they had in their younger years. A timelessness and youthful hearts beating as one, as a shining example of true love and legacy. With that in mind and a love story for the ages, this is what pure and true romance looks like to me.


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Newlywed joy, picnics at your favorite park listening to the live band play on a Friday night. Photographs collected over time that are shared with children and grandchildren. Sunday crosswords and love letters. All of those seemingly fleeting and insignificant moments. The life we live in those days- that is romance. That we love each other more through it all.

What is your definition and vision of romance? What can you do today that will keep the romance in your relationships alive?

xoxo, Jenn

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