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One of the aspects of boutique business ownership that I never considered when I started was what to gift my sweet couples. Well, I knew I wanted to give them gifts and a stellar experience, but I did not consider it part of business ownership. You see, I’ve always been a giver. Gift giving is definitely one of my love languages. When I give gifts, they are not for superficial reasons. I truly put so much thought and heart into any gift I give, because I have such a heart for investing in and pursuing relationships. They do not have to be exorbitantly expensive to be meaningful either. This has now become part of my workflow and one that is so fun to dream up!


When I was thinking through what to gift my 2015 brides and grooms, I wanted to ensure that the pieces were rooted in the core of Harper Hadley. That there was a deeper meaning and intent behind each aspect. Of course, we all love a beautiful branded packages, but the substance and purpose of a gift is just as important, if not more so.


The joy and excitement that comes with any new chapter in life is something to celebrate everyday, not just on your wedding day. So, I wanted to be sure that there was an element that resonated that. I was able to find these sweet mugs and did my own calligraphy on them. I really love how they turned out and hope that when they have their Saturday morning coffee, they always remember to enjoy that time together. Whether or not it is with the mugs I gifted them, those simple moments are where a lot of magic and sweetness come from in marriage. In the quiet mornings and sweet conversation. That is where roots are planted.


Last year when I saw that Cottage Hill Magazine was launching, I was so excited because it speaks so much to my heart and the heart of this business. (I’ll dive into that more soon.) I believe so deeply in the Cottage Hill message that I invested in their Kickstarter campaign and could not wait to preorder these beautiful collections for this year’s couples. Katie and her team are truly amazing and curated such a wonderful first issue. My prayer is that these beautiful and truly heartfelt art collections (yes, this magazine is just that!) inspire all of its readers to slow down, take in those precious simple moments in life and soak in all of the joy around them. To look beyond their wedding day and really invest time and energy in their marriages and lives beyond social media and flashy things in life. To truly focus on what matters and the love in every moment.


Of course, there had to be a hand written note as well. How can you give such a personal gift and communicate how excited you are to be invited into their wonderful and amazing lives without doing so? Let me tell you, lovelies, these couples that trust and choose Harper Hadley are part of our family and I adore every single one of them. This is an honor that I do not take lightly. So, to all of my couples- past, present and future- thank you for inviting me into your lives!

What are some other gift ideas you have, fellow boss ladies? I would really like to hear how you shower your couples with love! Stay tuned to see what I have planned for later this year and next year, because the amazing creatives I’m partnering with are going to help me blow y’all away!

xoxo, Jenn

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