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Inspired Tuesday: Southern Jazz

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Inspiration can come from anything around you. Often times, I draw my inspiration from memories and stories. This week, that memory is Jazz.

The soul that Jazz has, childhood memories of listening to my Paw-Paw sing to Jazz in the car and in his shop while teaching me to use a hammer. Now, I also share a few Jazz memories with AJP. A few summers ago, we were able to go to Brucemore and listen to a New Orleans Jazz band play on the lawn. We sang, danced and soaked in all of the beautiful music. With all of those beautiful memories, how could one not want to turn that into inspiration for a fete to remember?


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Jazz takes me back to simpler times. Where gathering around the table and turning on the radio was a perfect night. This sweet, joy filled board reminds me so much of the times we didn’t need phones and television to have fun. It always transports me and reminds me to¬†treasure our ¬†relationships. Where do you find your best inspiration?

xoxo, Jenn

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