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Inspired Tuesday: Joy in the Clouds

For Brides

Sunrise above the clouds, mimosas in hand, reminiscing about the life you have built together. Does that not sound like a beautiful, peaceful and romantic way to celebrate an anniversary? I will never tire of finding inspiration in the simple moments of life.


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Whether you charter a hot air balloon, an airplane or just go up to the roof of a high rise; a birds eye view of our beautiful world puts everything in perspective. Every time I fly, my heart soars and reminds me that we are all small, but significant pieces of this vast world. Somehow it always ends with daydreaming, an epiphany and a lot of memories flooding my mind.

That is the same love, fondness and feeling that I adore about legacies and building families. Whether this is a simplified wedding, cozy day at home or gathering of community in your mind, I hope it makes you pause to think about the simple and wonderful joys of life. What are you daydreaming about today? Let your mind wander and soar.

xoxo, Jenn

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