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Dear Adam,


Every year, I marvel at the fact that is has been so long and yet that no time has passed in our life together. I am so grateful that we are still toward the beginning of our journey because it means there is so much more joy and love ahead of us. Still, over the past seven years together, three married, I find myself learning more about myself and loving you more everyday.


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Somehow, my love for you grows every, single day. Through the small acts of kindness, side glances and smirks, jokes and one liners you deliver and grand adventures we have. I know that not everything is or ever will be perfect, but I know one thing with absolute certainty — you are my best friend and with you, I can do anything.

This past week has been quite a ride, in more ways than one. We have so much ahead of us and opportunities that we cannot even think of right now, I am sure. That is so scary and exciting to me at the same time, but I am so blessed that I get to go through it all with you, my love. Our dreams will be ever changing and evolving as we travel this life together and live out our days. How wonderful is that? Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is thank God that you are mine and that we chose to live this beautiful, messy, sometimes terrifying, but always love-filled life together.

Over the next year and beyond, I can only imagine what wonderful things will come to fruition for us. What our children will look like, what memories we will make, new friends we will find and trips we will take. I dream of quiet mornings in our kitchen and movie nights full of laughter. Everyday is an adventure with you and I would not trade it for anything in the world. I love you, Adam!

Happy 3 year anniversary, my love and cheers to many, many more!

xoxo, BG

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